Series II


Kernel Barrier ™

The newly shaped bonnets eliminate ears collecting for smoother flow. The bonnet has built in Kernel Barrier to further reduce kernel loss.

Lift + Lock

Series II introduces a simple T-handle to release the bonnet and a snout for both easier opening and closing. Plus it features a new gas strut to assist in opening and holding open for easier access.

1/4 Turn Quick Coupling

Drago Series II now offers as standard equipment new 1/4 turn PTO shafts for easier combine hook-ups.

Heavy Duty Drives

New HD Gearbox standard for all 12 ros and larger corn heads in all row spacing sizes including 30" and 22".

Wrench Free Adjustments

New 'wrench free' adjusting knobs with spring loaded snout that allows height adjustment of snouts with additional down pressure for picking up down corn.

Ground Hugging

Stronger, more durable points for longer life. The redesigned sharper tip has a larger surface area for better wear and picking up down corn stalks.

Long Down Corn Auger

For rigid heads only, the long down corn auger keeps down corn from leaning over the side and loosing hanging ears. Centers the stalk back over the rollers.

Short Down Corn Auger

New short down corn auger available for all folding and rigids heads.